Raising Standards of Retrofit Through PAS 2035

What is PAS 2035?

The Each Home Counts Review was a root and branch review of the energy efficiency sector commissioned by the UK government. It made more than 20 key recommendations, including the introduction of a recognisable Quality Mark for the sector in the shape of TrustMark. But the most radical change was the call for a Code of Practice for the industry, laying out how it should deliver projects in the future. 

The Code of Practice was published in 2019 in the form of BSI PAS 2035. It sits alongside the updated installer standard, BSI PAS 2030 (2019).  

From June 2021, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) sector will have to comply with the Standard in full. Other new government schemes such as the £750m Local Authority Delivery Scheme (LADs) and Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) also require full compliance. The forthcoming Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) will likewise adopt it.

  • We’ve created a handy guide to explain the critical role of ventilation in retrofit, which outlines the ventilation requirements of the PAS 2035 standard.

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  • We’ve created a handy document that highlights the key principles of PAS 2035 and explains what it means for you.

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  • We get asked many questions about implementing PAS 2035.  We want to offer clarity around this complicated subject, so to help you put PAS into Practice, we’ve pulled the answers together into one easy-to-read document.

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  • This step-by-step process map builds upon our ‘PAS 2035 Explained’ guide, which sets out what the new Standards are attempting to do and how the new roles interrelate.

    It is intended to be used by people fulfilling one of those three roles, as well as their employers and the accreditation schemes of which they are members.


What will change?

PAS 2035 is designed to ensure the customer receives a service and retrofit solution they expect, and that they get what they pay for.

The PAS is also designed to shape the retrofit process that will be scaled-up in order to deliver deep retrofit to around 27 million homes over the next thirty years. It introduces two core principles: 

  1. Fabric First: insulating buildings to reduce heat demand as low as possible, whilst ensuring that newly airtight homes are also properly ventilated to avoid problems with damp.

  2. Whole House Retrofit: whilst addressing the fabric first, we should be creating retrofit plans for homes that consider fabric, services and renewables together. Only by doing this will we be able to deliver homes that achieve their potential in terms of carbon savings.  

Like all British Standards, PAS 2035 is a lengthy and dense document. But if you boil it down, the PAS introduces a simple six-stage process that all retrofit projects must follow. 

The Role of Retrofit Coordinators

PAS 2035 Technical Author and Senior Retrofit Academy Tutor, Dr Peter Rickaby explains a little more about PAS 2035 and the important role of the Retrofit Coordinator.

PAS 2035: The Movie

It tells the story of a local authority as it wrestles with whether it should adopt PAS 2035, or stick to what they know.

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