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the importance of pas 2035

the importance of pas 2035

In late June 2019 BSI published PAS 2035:2018 – Specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings. This has the potential to revolutionise the entire retrofit process. The government have proposed to make compliance with the Standard a mandatory requirement for all projects delivered using public funding, following a transitionary period expected to run until January 2021.

It has the full backing of government, who have sponsored its development. Even when powerful lobbyists representing the powerful supplier groups went on the attack, the commitment to the core principles at the heart of the PAS remained intact. Nobody in the energy efficiency sector can afford to ignore it, and those who do will fall foul of the new regime.

The PAS 2035 Framework for Domestic Retrofit

The Role of Retrofit Coordinators

PAS 2035 Technical Author and Senior Retrofit Academy Tutor, Dr Peter Rickaby explains a little more about PAS 2035 and the important role of the Retrofit Co-ordinator.

Retrofit Detox

Retrofit Academy CEO David Pierpoint answers the question “what does the industry need to move forward”? His answer is simple: “A Retrofit Detox”

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