A new role in Retrofit

PAS 2035 is the publicly available specification which outlines the necessary standards for all future domestic retrofit projects. For projects to be eligible for public funding, they must be delivered in strict compliance to PAS 2035. The specification is fully supported by BEIS. Compliance is a mandatory requirement of schemes wanting to operate under the TrustMark – the new quality mark for the Retrofit sector.

The Retrofit Coordinator role is mandatory for all retrofit projects undertaken in conjunction with PAS 2035 which is fully backed by the government and TrustMark. This, as well as the government’s aim to improve the energy efficiency in existing homes, should drive demand for individuals qualified and accredited in this area.

What’s a Retrofit Coordinator?

The Retrofit Academy CIC Chief Executive David Pierpoint, explains more about PAS 2035 and the role of the Retrofit Coordinator in meeting the standards required for compliance.

what’s in it for you?

The new PAS 2035 standards opens the door to building professionals to participate in the whole house retrofit market. Training as a Retrofit Coordinator gives you the opportunity to become a pivotal part of fulfilling the government energy efficiency obligations. The value of delivering the “2050 carbon neutral” obligation is estimated to be in excess of £50 billion, that’s an industry generating £1.5 bil per annum with Retrofit Coordinators right at the centre.

Are you an Architect?

The role of the architect has been elevated in the new standards. Architects and architectural technicians make the perfect candidate to qualify as Retrofit Coordinator.

Are you a Social Landlord?

Social landlords have an obligation to their customers to ensure quality standards are met cost effectively. Having qualified people on your team helps you deliver your obligations.

Are you a Surveyor?

Traditionally the Surveyors role in whole house retrofit has been calculating the impact of efficiency measures. However, now Surveyors can benefit from a far more influential role.



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The qualification features 12 modules which together cover all the key aspects of domestic refurbishment.

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