Retrofit is a fast-growing market. The growth potential is awe inspiring.

In theory there are 20 million homes requiring some degree of refurbishment by 2050 if we are to achieve the target carbon savings. This equates to 10,000 homes per week, or one home per minute. This could result in a total value to retrofit work in excess of £500bn between 2015 and 2050. And this does not even take in to account the potential of the non-domestic sector.

And what is more, clients have found that what they really need are people who know their stuff. People who know what best practice in retrofit looks and feels like.

Retrofit can be a risky business if not done well – making a mistake in one off project is a problem, replicating it across a 1000-property scheme is a potential disaster. And our mistakes tend to be hidden behind render and facades, which makes returning to snag projects intrusive and costly. Projects go wrong around the junctions and edges, where trade meets trade, building fabric meets building services, system meets system. Existing standards and training do not go far enough and serve only to reinforce the silo mentality that has historically characterised the building industry.

Get retrofit right though and the potential social, economic and environmental benefits are huge. Large scale refurbishment is the only way to tackle the high rates of fuel poverty that exist in the UK. Retrofit done well will only add to asset values. People who live in warmer, healthier homes live longer and are less of a drain on public services. Conserving energy reduces the national dependence upon imported fossil fuels, and is often described as the Fifth Fuel. A large-scale retrofit programme will create thousands of jobs and contribute billions to the economy.

The Retrofit Academy therefore works only with the most-trusted industry experts to develop courses that represent best practice. What is more their work is peer-reviewed within the Fellowship to ensure it is fit for purpose. Industry bodies and associations are included to ensure that they are comfortable with our guidance. All courses are RIBA-endorsed, accredited CPD and are underpinned by The Retrofit Academy’s obligations to its awarding body – the IOEE.

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