Retrofit Pattern Book Featured Image - Best Practice Guides

The Retrofit Academy endorses the Retrofit Guides produced by the Institute for Sustainability. Many of these guides were written by our tutors, and they provide an excellent starting-point for anybody wanting to get to grips with the subject matter before starting the courses.

The Guides are totally free of charge and are available to download by following the links below:

  1. Introduction to the low carbon domestic retrofit guides
  2. Surveying and assessing dwellings for low carbon retrofit
  3. Planning low carbon retrofit projects
  4. Funding and procurement for low carbon retrofit projects
  5. Managing low carbon retrofit projects
  6. Improving the building fabric
  7. Improving the building services
  8. Green retrofit: materials, waste, water and maintenance
  9. Living in a low carbon home
  10. Identifying opportunities and promoting low carbon retrofit projects
A. Promotion programmes for low carbon retrofit
B. Skills, training and accreditation for low carbon retrofit