In response to demand from our graduates, The Retrofit Academy has developed a new suite of specialist domestic refurbishment training courses. The courses are collectively known as Retrofit Coordinator PLUS. They have been specifically designed for those with a good base-knowledge of retrofit best practice. They build upon the theoretical understanding gained in the Retrofit Coordinator Diploma, and have an emphasis on the practical skills and knowledge that should support the Retrofit Coordinator in practice.

The Retrofit Coordinator PLUS programme features six new courses. They are designed and are delivered by the UK’s leading experts in retrofit, drawn from the spheres of architecture, academia and energy consultancy. Many of the tutors will be familiar to you from the Retrofit Coordinator course, but there are also some new faces bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table. All have masses of experience and the endorsement of their peers.

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The Retrofit Coordinator Register

The Retrofit Coordinator Register is a unique directory of professionals trained and accredited by The Retrofit Academy and its trusted partners. Clients and procurement teams refer to the Register to identify retrofit professionals they can trust. To be listed, housing and built environment professionals must graduate from the Academy’s Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management. They must also maintain their accreditation through 18 hours of annual CPD that has been accredited by The Retrofit Academy. To find out more about this please contact us.

Maintaining Your Accreditation

To maintain your place on the Register of Retrofit Coordinators, you must demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development. The minimum requirement is 18 hours of study per year via the Academy or approved partners. This demonstrates to clients that an individual is up to date with the latest techniques and best practice in retrofit.

Becoming an Advanced Retrofit Coordinator

Attending six of the units within a two-year period, submitting your Coordinator Log Book for independent verification and completing a tutor ‘viva’ interview also entitles you to be identified as an “Advanced Retrofit Coordinator”. This will be highlighted on the Register, and you will be provided with an Advanced Retrofit Coordinator logo to use for your own purposes.

The Retrofit Academy Learner Framework is shown below:

Benefits of Further Study

As a graduate from the Retrofit Coordinator programme, you might ask why do you need to consider further study? Here are a few reasons why we believe you should:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of critical topics allows you to add strings to your professional bow
  • Maintaining your accreditation as a Retrofit Coordinator keeps your place on the Register
  • Gaining Advanced Retrofit Coordinator status provides you with differentiation and a stamp of approval
  • The courses offer exceptional networking opportunities with potential clients and business partners

Retrofit Coordinator PLUS Courses

Course Modules

Software Options for Retrofit Coordinators

Energy modelling software can be very useful to support the appraisal of options for retrofit projects. This workshop will provide a good understanding of the alternatives available (SAP and PHPP), how they differ, their limitations and how they can be used to design appropriate packages of fabric and services.

Part L1B for Retrofit Coordinators

Part L1B of the Building Regulations applies to existing homes when they are refurbished and/or extended and when non-domestic buildings are converted to dwellings. This training workshop has been developed to provide Retrofit Co-ordinators with a thorough understanding of the requirements of Part L1B of the Building Regulations and how they are applied in practice using real case study examples of domestic refurbishment, extension and conversion projects. The workshop aims to clarify all of the options for compliance and the potential trade-offs that can be difficult to interpret in the official guidance and includes demonstrations of when and how it may be advantageous to use SAP in order to confirm compliance. There will also be the opportunity to discuss other standards that are available that exceed Part L1B standards and other parts of the Building Regulations that Retrofit Coordinators should be aware of (especially Part C in relation to moisture).

Advanced Low Energy Retrofit of Traditional Buildings

This module will develop students’ skills in addressing the various complexities of energy-efficient retrofitting of historic and traditional building fabrics in the UK. The course will also offer the opportunity for students to bring in a specific issue, based on a project or case study of their own to use in some of the exercises. This enables the student to introduce the project to the group at the beginning of the course and have an open discussion on a specific problem that is directly relevant to their practice or role.

Scaling Up Retrofit - materials, products and processes

This unit covers new retrofit standards and processes (especially QA) emerging from the Bonfield Review, plus products and processes for large-scale retrofit such as WHISCERS, Matilda’s Blanket, Q-Bot, Energiesprong, and Pulse.

Introduction to Passivhaus Retrofit

This unit will explain how the Passivhaus EnerPHit standard sets a standard for domestic retrofit operation and the approaches one may take towards certification. The challenges and technical sense behind the standard will be described as well as the caution required if internal wall insulation is used. The unit focuses on what to look out for when designing, specifying, building and commissioning EnerPHit projects. It also covers: when EnerPHit is appropriate; common problems and challenges; what to be aware of in relation to air tightness and how to ensure the ventilation system will fit and work correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the courses cost to attend?

You can book one course at a time with no ongoing commitment, or you can book blocks of three or six units in one go for reduced rates.

(Price packages exclude VAT) Early Bird Rates  Standard Rates
Individual Unit Price £179 Save £20 £200
3 Units £475 Save £125 £550 Save £50
6 Units £950 Save £250 £1000 Save £200
Early Bird rates available until 1st December 2016 for 2017 courses
Lunch and refreshments are provided.
Please note: These prices apply to courses starting in 2017. For 2016 courses, please contact our Training Coordinator:

Can I attend the Retrofit Coordinator PLUS courses even if I am not a graduate of the Retrofit Coordinator Diploma?

These courses are not designed for newcomers to retrofit, and if this describes you should instead consider the foundation Retrofit Coordinator courses.

If you are a very experienced retrofit practitioner, we offer a fast-track two-day course which covers the fundamentals of the Retrofit Coordinator Diploma. The examination is sat at the end of the second day.

Anybody may attend the courses. However it will not count towards accreditation unless you have graduated first from the Retrofit Coordinator Diploma.

What are the Course Dates?

Course London Manchester
Part L1B for Retrofit Coordinators 4th May 2017 11th May 2017
Advanced Building Physics 1st June 2017 8th June 2017
Advanced Low Energy Retrofit of Traditional Buildings 28th November 2016

6th July 2017

13th July 2017
Scaling Up Retrofit 14th September 2017 21st September 2017
Software Options for Retrofit Coordinators 5th October 2017 12th October 2017
Introduction to Passivhaus Retrofit 2nd November 2017 9th November 2017

Download Course Dates and Information Flyer